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Wine Bottle Totes



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The six-bottle wine tote is made of 100% high quality non-woven polypropylene recycled material. Compartments securely hold six 750ml bottles. Wide carry tote straps make it comfortable to shop. Wine totes are also available in one, two, and four bottle compartments. You can buy wine totes wholesale from Nature Pro


Technical Specifications:


  •  Material: Non-Woven Polypropylene
  •  Dimensions of bag size and handles varies.
  •  Gauge of material dependent on customer's request (75-100 GSM).
  •  Placement of threading depends on artwork supplied and required positioning
  •  Paper cardboard, foam cardboard and PE cardboard inserts available upon request.
  •  Graphic placement can be printed on the front, back or side gussets of the bag.
  •  Design can contain up to 6 colors (Digital printing also available)






Usually ships in 5-6 weeks


Personalized Wine Totes, Excellent Gifts, wine bags wholesale


Bringing along a bottle of good wine as a present is always an excellent option when attending a dinner party. If that bottle of wine arrives in a customized, personalized wine tote, then it will be a classy move, sure to please your host. In addition, if you are the host wine totes are a fantastic giveaway idea for your guests. Moreover, wine totes are a way of making a fashion statement depending on the style and color you choose. You can be elegant, or informal, or anything in between, but there is a wine tote that will represent the feeling you want to convey. It is amazing and fun at the same time for those love trendy items. Our wine totes are sold on a wholesales basis so even if your only ordering for a one time event you will received the best price on the market.


How to make good use of the wine totes


Whether it is a gift for a friends, a family members, or event participants you cannot go wrong with a personalized wine bags wholesale. They are not just, for dinner parties either. A wine tote can be given to guest upon the celebration of an anniversary or even to guest to remember a birthday party. Surprise someone on typical day when they least expect to get a gift, no need to wait until holidays or a time when you have something to celebrate. Brighten everyones day with wine tote. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors. A personalized wine totes can also give a simple bottle of wine a stylish edge, and will duly impress whoever you present with one. Because the wine tote is personalized, they will know that you took extra time and care in choosing their present. It shows you value them, and would you do not mind to getting them something just to make them happy.


Another use for a wine tote that is personalized is in promoting a business by having the company name and logo printed on it. These bags come in small or large sizes and are easy to carry. They can be taken anywhere and thus your company name and logo will go along too. Some of the best free promotion you can get! Even if you do have your company name and logo on the personalized wine tote, it will still be accepted with pleasure as a sign that you care, and you will have the added bonus of receiving lots of free advertising from it. People will get to know about your business as they enjoy the wine, and some will definitely want to try your products or services.


Benefits of Choosing a Reusable Wine Totes


Wine totes come in several different styles, ranging from basic to elegant, and they have a wide price range. The best thing is that you will find one that will suit your budget. On the average, a wine tote will be capable of holding from 1 to 6 bottles of wine. However, before you make your purchase, you should consider a reusable wine tote. What this means is that instead of making your selection based on what looks the nicest, or the cost, you should think about buying a wine tote made out of canvas or nylon. This is because, while leather might look better, and leather carriers are sometimes hard sided, which provides more protection for the contents, they simply will not last as long so on a cost effective basis you are better to go with canvas.


A reusable wine tote comes in various styles too, but the material used is usually canvas or nylon. Neoprene wine totes are classy looking although for a reusable wine tote because it's soft sided, and not as durable or easy to clean as nylon or canvas. A neoprene wine tote is inexpensive, light, not bulky, but it does not have the strength of canvas or nylon and thus is not used that often as a material for a reusable wine tote. Having said that, there is really no wine tote that you are going to use once and then throw away. That would be foolish. What reusable means is that the material is going to be long lasting, able to serve you for quite sometime without having to be replaced. The more elegant or classy a wine tote appears to be, then more chance that it won't hold out as long as something made from sturdier material. However, today, there many designs in the market and it may be possible to find something long lasting, which is also graceful.


Most wine totes come in solid colors, but fashion is now having its way and our reusable wine totes have patterns and special designs. It is easier something beautiful and presentable to serve your guests. Regardless, if you want to save money and purchase a reusable wine tote it will be worth the price and last far into the future.


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