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Things to Know about Reusable Bag Manufacturers

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Nature Pro, manufactures reusable shopping bags for supermarkets and other retailers in the United States. Our manufacturing facility is located in Commerce, California in Los Angeles and we are able to give in-person consultations, which includes custom shopping bag design and material selection anywhere in the United States and worldwide. We employ over 120 individuals between our main facility and two other locations in Vernon, CA and China.




by Charles Day

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Things to Know about Reusable Bag Manufacturer

Shopping bags nowadays come in all shapes and sizes to help you carry groceries home. Thus, you can focus on what items to buy, and be entirely oblivious of how to contain your groceries. You have the bag for that, and if not, the supermarket will willingly sale you a few that they bought in bulk from Reusable Bag Manufacturers.


Controversy about plastic bags


There is a great bit of controversy going on around plastic bags. They have long been adding to the landfills, because they take an alarmingly long time to decompose. Plastic slowly stretches and deposits into rivers and oceans and resultantly, marine species like turtles and certain fishes are getting readily endangered. That plastic adds toxic elements to water, thus affecting water animals these affected species is source of further anguish.


Low points of plastic and paper


Another distressing fact is that plastic utilizes lots of oil during the manufacturing process. Similarly, paper bags require cutting of trees, but they at least do not imperil territorial or aquatic lives. Thus, their existence may be fumed at, but certainly not be feared of. There is one great thing about plastic though, which has made it as popular as it is now. It takes little energy to create plastic bags.


It has been proven that one paper bag uses as much energy as 100 single-use plastic bags. Thus, you need to reuse paper bags 100 times to make up for the disposable plastic bag in terms of energy. Paper bags are however not that long-standing and thus ultimately offer a poor equation.


The helpful facet of cotton


A Cotton or canvas Reusable Bag Manufacturer, by contrast, is more illuminating when it comes to information and products to help save the environment. This is because cotton and canvas last for a long time and reused multiple times. You cannot deny the usability or durability of reusable cotton or canvas bags. They may look awkward in elite company, say, departmental stores and their handle may come off under excessive weight, requiring re-stitching, but these are small drawbacks. After all, it has been researched that they can save 288 disposable plastic bags in the space of a year when used once per week.


Cotton comes in general and organic form, and the latter is much lighter. Thus, organic cotton bags make for excellent reusable carriers, especially for grocery. They can be washed and dry-cleaned at home, just as your daily cloth. They can also be stored easily, but that is the case with most shopping bags.


Canvas and other options


Canvas bags from Reusable Bag Manufacturers are quite extraordinary. They do not invest too much energy in the manufacturing process and run long enough to prove an infinitely better option than plastic bags. They are an environmental-conscious decision in these troubled times and ought to be popular. They come at a modest price, and also other types of material such as Hemp and Jute.


Some problems with reusable shopping bags


Now the problem with Reusable Bag Manufacturer is the material you choose for the same. One mistake and you deviate a long way. There are a few materials which simply do not cut the mark while there are those which come at too high a cost. Further, there are a few options which don‰Ûªt serve for long. Then there are a few with metal inputs which can be toxic and dangerous to the fruits and vegetables you carry inside the bag. Thus, you have to be literally on your toes to choose the best and most functional material.


Pointers for Reusable Bag Manufacturer


Reusable Bag Manufacturer has to cater to a few points. Firstly, say, if the material is nylon, propylene or synthetic, there has to be a prominent base and a double-backing with sincere linings. Secondly, care has to be taken so that the grip remains ergonomic and does not come off. Thirdly, the bag should not burst at the seams while carrying extra weight. It is better if the bag sends mute signals (it is for you to understand) that the bag won‰Ûªt be able to hold so much weight and some weight ought to be released from its confines. Fourthly, the energy used in making it (labor costs, materials etc.) should be less in ratio to its longevity and function. That is to say, it has to be a positive purchase, despite its energy consumption.


Making up for energy expense


Now, Reusable Bag Manufacturer cannot be without expense of energy; this much is pretty easily decipherable. These are made in factories and lots of energy goes in manufacturing these bags. This can however be made up for by ensuring that the bag remains reusable for significantly long time. Here, Nylon and Propylene bags offer great facility. Moreover, they are easy to clean, waterproof and have a good weight-bearing capacity. That they look sleek and plush add to their presentation. They also come in zipped form to cover the contents.


Facts about home-made bags


If you knit a shopping bag at home, make sure that you double-line the base and make it suggestively wide at the middle. Fabrics are flexible and thus the weight gets easily shifted when inside it; that is their unique plus point. They can however be messy, gather grocery crumbs which develop into spots and stains and their stitch may come off at crucial junctures. Think of the awkwardness you would feel when 5 kilos of rice drop and spread on the road, as you carry a fabric bag, whose stitch has come off. Thus, it is often better to buy cloth bag from reputed shops rather than knitting one yourself.


Profusion of imported plastic bags


There are many large companies which are fast getting into selling food items. They make use of personalized and specific shopping bags, which they often import. These bags look automatically attractive and are coveted by one and all. The problem is that not all of these companies are environmentally-conscious, at least, when dealing with a small item as a shopping bag. Thus, their bags may even be made of plastic or paper. While regulations and laws are quickly banning plastic use in bags, it is your responsibility as well to wean off their use and not get carried away by their looks and find a goodåÊReusable Bag Manufacturer.


Intelligent and safe promotion


Shopkeepers and companies like to personalize their bags and indulge in Reusable Bag Manufacturer keeping promotion in mind. While there is nothing wrong in posting their credentials and addresses on shopping bags, they should be wary of the ink they use in print. It should be water-based and should not contain any toxic element, which may hamper the food product kept within the bag.


Showing their business acumen


Of course, the way they go about Reusable Bag Manufacturer also speaks about their promotional skills and business acumen. Most of them take care to make these bags presentable and made from lightweight and waterproof materials (that is, if they are not importing plastic bags). These bags would be reusable, pretty sturdy and immensely attractive and leave an instant favorable impression about the company in the minds of the one carrying and those beholding. That they have their logo embossed on the bag gives these companies further reason to be happy of.


Excellence of Chico bags


Paper bags come cheapåÊand are far more recycled than plastic bags. Yet, it is better if you switch to Reusable Bag Manufacturer Nature Pro and the above options for creditable carriage. One fundamentally excellent choice for shopping bags is chico bag. It accounts for only 7 times the energy used in making one disposable plastic bag and is hundred times more efficient. Chico bags, made from polyester, should fast become the flavor of the season, when one counts its positives.


Be responsible towards marine species


We have a responsibility towards our aquatic brethren. They also have a right to live and we are not right in endangering their lives and polluting their living space. The air and water currents often carry the debris and plastic at furious pace, taking in its wake the innocent water animals. This is not done, so the faster we switch to reusable shopping bags, the better.


Take the online route


Reusable shopping bags are easily available in physical outlets, but if you wish them delivered at your doorstep, you can always take the online route. Many sites offer you a virtual tour through collection of these bags from where you can make your choice and become well-read about the Reusable Bag Manufacturer. Here, you can also compare quotes and buy your choice of material within your wallet range.


Show discretion in use


You should however be discreetly knowledgeable about the Reusable Bag Manufacturer, the energy your chosen bag consumes to get manufactured and the longevity it boasts of. You should also remember to frequently use these bags and not just purchase them with the soul view to secure it in your lumber room. By reusing these bags, you are helping people manufacture less of these and thus expend les energy. Be a conscious citizen and contribute positively to the environment.


Nature Pro, manufactures reusable shopping bags for supermarkets and other retailers in the United States. Our manufacturing facility is located in Commerce, California in Los Angeles and we are able to give in-person consultations, which includes custom shopping bag design and material selection anywhere in the United States and worldwide. We employ over 120 individuals between our main facility and two other locations in Vernon, CA and China.


We are committed to saving the environment Bag at a Our custom shopping bag program is currently saving our oceans, lakes and rivers from the devastating effects of plastic and we pride ourselves as being one solution in the cause to save our planet for future generations.


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