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Insulated Shopping Bags



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Made of 100% high quality polypropylene recycled material, this bag is composed of an extra layer of film coated material for customers that require high-quality digital printing. The bag is available in both woven and non-woven polypropylene material and Custom insulated Shopping bags. The main difference between a woven and non-woven material is the strength. Woven fabrics are able to carry more weight such as groceries, items, etc., than that of non-woven fabrics.


Technical Specifications:



  •  Material: Woven or Non-Woven Polypropylene, film coated.
  •  Dimensions of bag size and handles varies.
  •  Gauge of material dependent on customer's request (75-100 GSM).
  •  Placement of threading depends on artwork supplied and required positioning.
  •  Paper cardboard, foam cardboard and PE cardboard inserts available upon request.
  •  Graphic placement can be printed on the front, back or side gussets of the bag.
  •  Design can contain up to 6 colors (Digital printing also available).





Usually ships in 5-6 weeks


Custom insulated Shopping bags as promotional products


Custom insulated Shopping bags common with people who work in offices but want to eat a healthy lunch everyday. Today they have become a promotional item and most people are given during events. They are insulated just like the name suggests and the keep your lunch warm. Apart from that, they help to make a marketing campaign for a particular company more effective. They are mostly used by institutions which include schools, churches, organizations, colleges and hospitals as a way of marketing and promoting their day to day activities.


Over the years, Custom insulated Shopping bags have become popular and you can spot people carrying them everyday. They will keep the food warm or cold, therefore you can enjoy your drink or anything edible that you can to work at the right temperature. On the other hand, if you want to promote your business using them, it will definitely work for you. No one can resist them, in fact people will struggling to get one once you start to dish them out.


The custom insulated bags are durable and there ensure that your company gets maximum exposure. The bags last long and people move around with them. They are useful and no one can leave in the house, actually most people will carry them daily and keep marketing your business.


If you have a corporate event Custom insulated Shopping bags can make a perfect giveaway. Most companies will not of giving such items, and therefore you will stand in the crowd and get better results in from your marketing plan. Sponsoring an event may cost, but the opportunity is priceless. If every guest leaves with an insulated bag that has your business name and logo on it, you can be sure to get maximum exposure.


Custom insulated Shopping bags are perfect for corporate branding because it becomes a continuous process. Different people take your business name and logo to various places. You can have the bags made in various designs to fit people of different ages and class. With such promotional items you be sure that your marketing campaign will be solid and very effective. Through using these bags and giving them out to potential customers, you protect the environment. They are stylish and high quality and you not find them littered all allover. Each person will keep theirs safely and reuse it as much as possible


Nature Pro, manufactures reusable shopping bags for supermarkets and other retailers in the United States. Our manufacturing facility is located in Commerce, California in Los Angeles and we are able to give in-person consultations, which includes custom shopping bag design and material selection anywhere in the United States and worldwide. We employ over 120 individuals between our main facility and two other locations in Vernon, CA and China.


We are committed to saving the environment Bag at a Our custom shopping bag program is currently saving our oceans, lakes and rivers from the devastating effects of plastic and we pride ourselves as being one solution in the cause to save our planet for future generations.


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