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non-woven polypropylene recycled material


Product Code: NWP


Made of 100% high quality non-woven polypropylene recycled material, this is our most popular shopping bag. Both light and strong, it repels dirt and odor. Structure of bag makes it ideally suitable for loading and unloading contents.



Technical Specifications:



  • Dimensions of bag size and handles varies.
  • Gauge of material dependent on customer's request (75-100 GSM).
  • Placement of threading depends on artwork supplied and required positioning.
  • Paper cardboard, foam cardboard and PE cardboard inserts available upon request.
  • Graphic placement can be printed on the front, back or side gussets of the bag.
  • Design can contain up to 6 colors (Digital printing also available).





Usually ships in 5-6 weeks



Benefits of using reusable shopping bags


Did you know the United States uses approximately 100 million plastic shopping bags every year? That means a waste of 12 million barrels of crude oil to create a single-use plastic bag. These polythene bags are quickly used up and then end up in a landfill and will not decompose for hundreds of years.&nbsp; It is not a pretty picture and it affects the environment badly. That is why using <strong>large reusable shopping bags</strong> can be a brilliant idea and can bring many benefits to the world. They do not need to be thrown away as soon as you home, you can clean and use them again for you shopping.



What are the benefits of using reusable shopping bags?


Crude oil is a petroleum product and has many important uses that can benefit the earth. . Therefore, by using large reusable shopping bags, crude oil can be used to manufacture something else instead of harmful polythene bags which have no benefit to the environment.


You can use large reusable shopping bags multiple times, as they are more durable than plastic bags and would probably last for hundreds of store visits. Most of the bags are made of strong canvas that does not wear off so easily. They come in different strengths and you choose one depending on the kind of items you want to carry.


The bags are designed in modern ways that attract attention and make you look fashionable when carrying one of the <strong>large reusable shopping bags.</strong> They are available in great colors that can match with most peoples taste.


The reusable shopping bags can be personalized and given to a loved one as a gift. Everyone will love them because they are eco-friendly. Be creative and you will make something amazing with assistance of a designer.



Many organic, wholesome, and health oriented supermarkets give discounts to customers who shop using their own reusable shopping bags. It is a nice and easy way to save some money.


While we are waiting for scientists to create a plastic that decomposes quickly and is friendly to the environment, you should consider using eco friendly large reusable shopping bags and stop pollution of surroundings and water. Be part of the people pushing for a cleaner world without many littered polythene papers which simply refuse to decompose. If no one stops the madness the plastic papers will end up littering everywhere. This is the perfect time.


Many benefits of using custom shopping bags


Are you one of the people who like following fashion trends? It is something and ensures that you are looking presentable and suitable for you days activities. Custom shopping bags are for anybody who wants to look classy as they shop. They are usually made to target a particular audience mainly defined by gender, professionalism or age. On the bags, the sponsor will write their name and out their logo. They are useful items while shopping to carry goods that you buy from the supermarket or you local store. Being sensitive to the environment can also make you buy this bag instead of using plastic bags which are mostly given in supermarkets.


A large custom shopping bag can make your life a lot easier while shopping instead of having multiple plastic and paper bags from each shop you go into. You also reduce the amount of waste you bring into your house. You can even hang it over your shoulder and enjoy having your hands free. These bags are usually made with strong material and will not tear or rip off especially on the handles.


Considering all these benefits for shoppers, many businesses use such customized shopping bags to promote their image and name. They place their logo on such bags and receive free advertising while people carry them around. This can be reached by printing a name of an owner or addition of some colorful detail. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. This is a nice way of expressing personal originality and creativity. A personalized shopping bag can attract attention to an individual and make him or her look fashionable and informed about different things like the products on their bag.


Besides, a company using such reusable customized shopping bags gets good reputation for taking care of the environment. Think how bad regular plastic bags can be for our planet. Just the production of plastic bags itself already emit toxic chemicals to the atmosphere. It not only pollutes the environment, but also kills thousands of animals each year, which can cause extinction of whole specie. A personalized shopping bag can attract attention to an individual and make him or her look fashionable.


Personalized shopping bags indeed have many benefits. They are useful to the customers, help to preserve our environment, and a way to distinguish oneself from a crowd. Try them today, and see the difference.



Nature Pro, manufactures reusable shopping bags for supermarkets and other retailers in the United States. Our manufacturing facility is located in Commerce, California in Los Angeles and we are able to give in-person consultations, which includes custom shopping bag design and material selection anywhere in the United States and worldwide. We employ over 120 individuals between our main facility and two other locations in Vernon, CA and China.


We are committed to saving the environment Bag at a Our custom shopping bag program is currently saving our oceans, lakes and rivers from the devastating effects of plastic and we pride ourselves as being one solution in the cause to save our planet for future generations.


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