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non-woven polypropylene



Product Code: INS The versatile insulated bag is composed of triple layer construction with a heavy-duty zipper. While the outside layer is made of non-woven polypropylene to provide durability and strength, the inside lining of foam and aluminum effectively maintain the temperature of food and beverages for hours.


Technical Specifications:




  •  Material: Non-Woven Polypropylene with foam and aluminum foil inside walls and zipper top.
  •  Dimensions of bag size and handles varies.
  •  Gauge of material dependent on customer's request (75-100 GSM).
  •  Placement of threading depends on artwork supplied and required positioning.
  •  Paper cardboard, foam cardboard and PE cardboard inserts available upon request.
  •  Graphic placement can be printed on the front, back or side gussets of the bag.
  •  Design can contain up to 6 colors (Digital printing also available).





Usually ships in 5-6 weeks

How can your customers use Insulated shopping bags


Insulated reusable shopping bags are also referred as thermal bags. They are made of materials that have thermal insulation properties and used to help maintain the temperature of its contents, which means cold items, will not melt and hot ones remain so. They can be used to preserve products that are perishable like fruits and vegetables. The bags are usually used for commercial shopping to carry groceries, and in retail outlets, to help customers carry their temperature sensitive merchandise home without breaking the cold or hot chain. They are suitable for hospitals as a means of transportation of medicines to customers and because they protect them from extreme temperature changes, shocks and light. Furthermore, insulated reusable shopping bags come in different materials, which include Styrofoam, fabric, non-woven, polyethylene, polyurethane and polypropylene. They are available in different shapes, which include rectangle, square, and oval. And you can find them in many colors and floral prints such as pink, blue, red, black, green, black and orange. It is easy to find one that suites your taste. Please give us a call and we might be able to manufacture a custom bag unique for your company. Most of them are made from stylish material and their cost is pocket friendly. They look trendy and their designs are suitable for people of different ages. One look at them and you will want to acquire one because they are resemble a modern day handbag, that is sophisticated and stylish and include a briefcase, suitcase, travel bag and trolley. Any one can use insulated reusable shopping bags including teenagers, adults, and the elderly. <strong>Insulated reusable shopping bags are necessary have for every shopper who deals with perishable products. Most people who buy them for daily use and grocery shopping look for one to keep their lunch hot or their drinks and other perishable items cold. They are friendly to the environment because they can be reused. They help to keep landfills spacious without too many plastic bags being thrown away on a daily basis. <strong>Insulated reusable shopping bags can be bought at a cost effect price from Nature Pro for your local store or national wide chain. One of the main advantages of purchasing with Nature Pro is that you choose from a wide variety made exclusively for your company in the United States.


Nature Pro, manufactures reusable shopping bags for supermarkets and other retailers in the United States. Our manufacturing facility is located in Commerce, California in Los Angeles and we are able to give in-person consultations, which includes custom shopping bag design and material selection anywhere in the United States and worldwide. We employ over 120 individuals between our main facility and two other locations in Vernon, CA and China.


We are committed to saving the environment Bag at a Our custom shopping bag program is currently saving our oceans, lakes and rivers from the devastating effects of plastic and we pride ourselves as being one solution in the cause to save our planet for future generations.


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